April 19

If I Could Change The School

By Madison

One thing I would change about school is it starting so early. Most students hate getting up early, right next to homework. Its hard getting up for something you are unmotivated to do. Plus, most kids and teenagers do not get to bed at an early time.

Another thing is sometimes people get bullied at school and that makes them not want to go to school even more. I would change bullying, so students would feel more safe at school. Also, bullying sometimes affects the learning of the student getting bullied and the bully.

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April 18

what would I change about me

The first thing I would change would be to be taller so I could reach high things.Then second thing would be to change my act because sometimes I could be mean. The third thing I would change about is that I could be more smart because I get some answers wrong on homework.The last thing I would change about me is to stop running into people by accident. juan carlos peaguda via Compfight

April 17


I was riding right next to my dad he was on his banshee.I was on my polaris predator 50009789687577578866.We were riding with a group of black guys in the dark could barely see any of them accept one guy.He was white and he was suspicious looking we were all doing wheelie and stuff.But he was the only one that didn’t do anything illegal.So I asked him what was his name. He said my name is Jeff.We all stoped at the stop sigh then a whole bunch of cop’s rolled up with the light’s shinning brighter then my feature.Then we all got ticket some got arrested.

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April 17

If i could change myself

by james

I would change myself to be taller so that when i am at practice it is not as hard to run or jump so it would make things way more easy and a lot less hard and I would also like to be realy strong Baseball Peter Miller via Compfight

and I think it would help for baseball because you have to be really strong to play baseball well at least if your in the out field you have to be strong enough to be able to through to home plate or at least to short stop and that is a long through.

And you also need to be very strong to hit a baseball into the out field. and you need to be strong and fast to run the bases prety quick. I would like it if I was a little bit faster so I could be faster than every body.

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April 17

If I Could Change the World

If I could change anything in the world, I would change the way people treat each other. Some people treat people like they aren’t even human and bully them. Also remember, everyone is different, not better or worse. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean you can treat them like they are garbage and don’t belong. Everyone deserves to be treated as they would treat you, nicely.

To make this change, I will stand up for anyone who is getting bullied or being talked to in a cruel manner. I will also avoid hanging out with cruel people so I don’t get influenced to do so, and I will talk to them about treating people nicely. Also I can inform teachers if I know someone who is getting bullied. Also if someone says something, “take the high road “and walk away, don’t retaliate.

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April 16

(old stories) Duluth MN.

Some people say that Duluth is  lost case, but their not correct, Duluth was first built in the 1800’s. And Duluth has old schools here from the 1900’s and they still are in good conditions. And Duluth’s population has grown over the years and the reason i wanted to bring Duluth up was because i wanted to tell a story when the news reporter thought that a tornado was going to hit Duluth. I was so scared but my parents were not worried like i was they said that no tornado can hit Duluth because of lake superior and the mountain that we live on if a tornado his Duluth after all of these years it would be the first. The picture at the bottom is lake superior and some of down town. Its really some think and i can’t put my finger on it.





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April 16

The 3 Great Changes

If I could change myself I would make myself work on football skills more. I would want to have done better at football last season. This coming season I want to be ready for football.

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The next change I would make would be on the school, I would want there to be both a summer a winter breaks but both for the same amount of time. I would also have 4 day weeks instead of 5 day weeks.

The way I would make the change is tell all my friends to tell their friends and have a vote on it to see if they would agree with me. Then if enough people agreed with me i would take the idea to the school board.

April 16

If I Could Change The World

If I Could Change the world I would ban the production and smoking of nicotine all over the world. I would make this change because the smoking of nicotine can cause a horrid amount of side effects. C.O.P.D. is very common with smokers, C.O.P.D. symptoms includes dry or wet cough, shortness of breath or wheezing,  and fatigue.

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photo by Frank Davis

A smoker’s lungs are yellow  and black because when you take is a breath of smoke tar is deposited is the lungs. There are 158,080 lung cancer deaths per year making lung cancer the leading cancer killer in the U.S.

Lastly pleas never ever smoke.

-Lea W

April 16

If I Could Change The World

by: Anna

if i could change the world i would change a lot of things like how many homeless people there are i would try to give them all a home. Something else i would do is help rise money for the poor and helpless people of the world. I would also help all the people that are sick by getting them to the hospital and stuff like that.

I want to help a lot of people but i cant yet right now i’m only in 7th grade so maybe when I get older. but i hope that you liked reading my blog good bye.



April 16

If I Could Change the School…

BY: Katrina Warkentin

If I could change the school, I would start with better lunches. Some schools are sponsored by local fast food places. We could be sponsored by Dairy Queen or Subway. It is highly unlikely that that would ever happen though… I would just get a better lunch menu.

I would also add in more elective classes. School should be fun. A class that I would definitely bring back is Home Ec. classes. I would add in another art class and I would make it an option to learn more languages other than French (the only other language that our school offers).

Another good thing to change (which  I think many will agree with me) is the time that school starts. many kids don’t get enough sleep at night, and are to tired to focus. It would be a good thing to have school start some time around nine in the morning or nine thirty. If this change happened, many students would be more energetic during school, and that might help them raise their grades.


what time-

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