October 27

My Land

photo by: Tayanna

Two weeks ago I went to my land to cut wood for our cabin to keep warm. We also put food in the deer feeder and sighted are guns in. On our way home I took about 200 pictures of the sun set. Then my phone died and I freaked out so my dad gave me his phone and I took about 200 on his too. My mom loves the sunset I also love the sunset.

Last week I went to my land for my birthday and my dad´s whole side of his family was there and we went deer hunting and grouse hunting. WE also cut wood for this weekend and next weekend so we can stay warm. Chevy and I went on a walk when the boys went hunting and we brought Kit my dog. I had to use my t-shirt for kit because she needed something bright on.

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Hi my name is Tayanna my nick name is Tay. I live in Warroad MN I have never lived eney where else but here. My family and I live in the country and I have 3 siblings. I play hockey,vollyball, and softball. I plan on going to MN Gophers for collage and earning a degree for being a lower.

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