November 3

Our Cat Mombo

No, I won't look at the camera !! Ruth via CompfightMombo is a black cat, when we moved out of are old house in Williams we couldn’t bring him and our other cat Tiger. A few months later one of my older sisters was outside in the woods while it was snowing and saw our black cat walking towards are house. He had frostbite on both his ears so most of the top of his ears were gone and his fur fell off by his ears and e was bleeding. A year after that he still had scabs on his ears and would still scratch them. We learnt that our other cat Tiger was now a wild cat who romed the road we lived on. One of the people who live there is still trying to trap Tiger. Its been six years since we moved, the lady is still trying to trap Tiger and Mombo now doesn’t scratch his ears and his fur has grown back. We still don’t know how he found his way home. I forgot to take a picture of my cat but he looks kind of like this.

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I'm in 7th grade. I like to draw and watch things. I have 5 pets and 4 siblings I'm a middle child. After school i want to go to collage for art. I want to be a artist when i'm older.

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