November 8

Should We Keep Looking?

The deer bounded pastCreative Commons License

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I was hunting this weekend with my uncle in his stand and it was Saturday in the afternoon around 5;30. My uncle said that there was a deer right in front of us. I got my gun ready to shoot the doe, then I shot. I shot the doe and then it ran. While we were getting ready to look for the deer a 6 point buck came out and followed her. We looked for the deer till 7 because it got to late. On Sunday we looked again and followed the blood then we noticed that there was wolf tracks follow my deer and buck. We quit looking for my deer and now I have to go hunting to get another deer. That was my hardest choice to make was if we should have kept looking for my deer or not.

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My name is Elle. I'm in the seventh grade in Warroad High School. My hobbies are hunting, and ice fishing. I also have seven siblings and have ten pets.

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