November 11

The Deer of the North

Photo by Katie

At the Angle are regularly  and we are one of the many families that feed them,And Ihave had many followers me experience with the is fantastic beasts.Ill start with a few years ago about 6to be exact,my mom and dad had dicided that it would be a good idea to feed the deer,so we got a huge thin of corn and we would give them about three to four hand fulls  a day when my sister and I got home from school.I remember there long brown faces staring in my window waiting for me to come and feed them,and they still do this this day.  But a last year that went to the extremes, so last winter I would walk to school and befor I left I would give the deer there food,but one day we ran out of food.Lets just say that they were not pleased with that .Thay started following me to school and waiting for me when I got home,that would wate for me on our porch and look in the window on our door,we finely gave up and brought them food but they still seam to remember that we can and will give them food .

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Hi! Im Katie ,Im in 7th grade and this is my first year in Warroad school.I live at the North West Angle, after high school I wold like to be a photographer,I like to be out side,and be with my family and friends!

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