December 7

My Dog’s

I have two dogs their name’s are Scout and Ranger. They are both Black Labs. Scout is 8 years old and Ranger is 7 months old. Scout did not like Ranger at all when we got her. One time Scout bit Ranger and she started yelping. She had a mark right below her eye. Scout is very protective of our family so if you touch him he will most likely growl or maybe even bite you. Ranger is very playful but sometimes she gets super crazy. They both love each other    and now they are best friends.

The picture below is Ranger.

Picture by Talya H

This picture is of Scout. 

Picture by Talya H


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Hi my name is Talya. I am in 7th grade and go to Warroad school. I enjoy playing hockey and softball. My favorite subject is Math. When I grow up I hope to go to the University Minnesota Duluth and study mathematics. I volunteer at benefits and get community service hours.

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