December 8

1.1k views on my Youtube Video

This past November I posted a Youtube video of me and brother go ice fishing, as of now I have 1,100 views. I did this by doing what people call a click-bait, a click-bait is a video were you put a crazy title with a crazy picture to make people want to watch it, like using a hook to get someone to read a book. The name of the video is ”Ice Fishing on 1 inch Ice in November (BAD IDEA)”. The key is the (BAD IDEA) part because people are thinking ”I have to see what the bad idea is” and ”He’s totally gonna fall through” so they click on the video, that’s why it’s called a click-bait. I now what you’re saying ”Your an idiot, your going to kill your self.” but I was actually just standing on my dock fishing. With only 25 subscribers 10 likes and 1.1k views is really good but overall i’m happy.IMG_0040Creative Commons License Ilkka Jukarainen via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight ralfpreuss via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight


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