December 8

My Dog and Her Story

   My dogs name is Bauer. She is almost 1 year old. She is an Australian shepherd and German shepherd mix. I am going to tell you how I got her. Last summer I was in the cities for a hockey tournament with my friend. After our game, we both were super hungry, so we went to Noodles and Company. Once we got there and had ordered our food, my friend and I were looking out the window at a Pet Co when we asked our parents if we could go there to look at the animals that were being groomed. Eventually we got them to take us. The second we entered the building my eyes examined the sign that said, “Adoption event” . That’s when I saw all the dogs and puppies. There where big ones and small ones there were adult ones and baby ones. I was so excited. Then at that moment, I looked over my shoulder to see the most cute, sleepy, and completely adorable little puppy of them all. I ran over and asked the volunteers if I could hold her and they lifted her out of her little pen that she was in with her brothers and sisters and gave her to me. We walked all over the store together well my mom was taking care of asking questions and being the great mom she is. After a lot of begging and pleading my mom let us adopt her. Bauer was super scared well everything was happening though because she was actually a rescue dog. She came from Arkansas from a puppy mill. It was super sad but now she has a home and a family that loves her.

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