December 14

Hockey weekend

Scoring chance (Explored) R.A. Killmer via Compfight


Over the weekend I had a hockey tournament in Fergus Falls MN. We did not do very well,we got 6th place out of 8 teams.But we did win one of our games.We won it in a shoot out we were playing a team from the cities.I got the game winning goal in the shoutout but after I scored are goalie had to save a shot before we won. Inthe next game we were winning against Detroit Lakes 4 to 2 and then I got checked from behind and got a concussion.So I had to sit out for the rest of the game. After I got hurt the game just started to go way down hill for us and in the end we lost 8 to 11. If we would have won we would have got a trophy. But since we lost we did not get anything.

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my name is Landon.I like riding dirt bikes and playing hockey.After high school I plan on going to the army.After i'm done in the army i want to go to collage

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