December 14

My First Snowmobile Crash

ThundercatCreative Commons License Jeremy Rempel via Compfight                                             I have a Polaris 500 XC edge snowmobile. One day I went riding with my neighbor but I had to ride his old sled because mine was getting fixed. We were riding in a field and there was a snowbank at the edge of the field that my neighbor was jumping with his new sled. I went to drive over it because his old one was too heavy to jump. I was going to drive over a smaller part that was between two bigger parts but I accidentally went on the side of one of the bigger parts. The sled started to tip so I jumped off and it slid down normally but the ski went over my arm and I almost couldn’t get it out from under the ski.

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My name is Corey. I like to ride dirt bike, snowmobile and I like to play football. I'm in seventh grade. After school I want to go to college.

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