December 14

Where Is Mrs. Schwenzfeier? – Part 2

Photo by Erin Schwenzfeier

Hey everyone! I am currently eating lunch at one of my favorite national food chains. For lunch today, I am eating Japanese pan noodles with steak. The noodles are a little spicy, which I love. Although it doesn’t pair well with the noodles, I also ordered tomato basil bisque soup. My husband, Jon, doesn’t like tomato soup, so I don’t usually make it at home. I am sipping on some slightly sweetened honey lemon herbal iced tea.

Can you guess at what restaurant I’m eating? Leave a comment down below with your guess, and tell me what your favorite restaurant is.

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My name is Erin Schwenzfeier (pronounced /Shwenz-fire/). Originally from Illinois, I earned my B.A. in English literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I went on to earn my M.A. in teaching from National-Louis University. Over the last decade, I have taught all grades 6-12. After vacationing in Minnesota for a number of years, I decided to make it my home. I enjoy hiking around this beautiful state, fishing, and reading (of course).

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