December 15

My Family

I love my family.  My family has 6 members: Mom, Dad, Winter, Abigail, Isaiah, and me.  We have cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and fish.  Two of my siblings are out of the house, one being in college, the other being in the Navy.  They are coming up for the holidays soon, and I am very excited, because I haven´t seen them in a while.  Sometimes I wish that they weren’t out of the house, because I look up to both of them very much.  When my older sister is coming up for Christmas, her fiance is coming with her, and he is from Columbia and he is really cool.  I wish that my sisters were home more, but we can´t always get what you want.  My father owns his own company in Roseau ( I know, the worst place).  My mother also owns a massage company in Warroad.

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About the Author

Hi my name is Liberty, and I am in the seventh grade and I love to read, sleep, snowboard, play basketball, and hang out with my best friend. I have lived in Warroad my whole life and I have made some friends who I really enjoy hanging out. I really love to snowboard and on the weekends me and my family go to a family favorite ski lodge

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