January 11

Make a Healthy Choice!

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If I could change something about our school, I would add healthier choices to our lunch program.  I would love for our school to have soup and salad bar available every day.  There could be a soup du jour (soup of the day) I know that several teachers would eat this, and I bet students would too! I would also like to see fresh fruit on our plates, such as watermelon, strawberries, and kiwi.  Eating healthy is very important for our bodies, and it also helps fuel our minds.

While I love hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries, I think our school could serve healthier options that kids would still eat.

Here is an example menu of healthy meals I would like to eat:

Monday – grilled chicken & vegetable stir fry with brown rice, edamame, milk, and strawberries

—-OR—- salad bar with chicken noodle soup

Tuesday – turkey burgers with all the fixings, sweet potato wedges, milk, and watermelon

—-OR—- salad bar with tomato soup

Wednesday – baked pork chops, collared greens, wild rice, milk, and apple slices

—-OR—- salad bar with chicken wild rice soup

Thursday – baked parmesan chicken breasts, whole wheat noodles & marinara sauce, broccoli, milk, and orange slices

—-OR—- salad bar with beef vegetable soup

Friday – hummus and grilled vegetable wrap, boiled egg, string cheese, milk, and kiwi

I think if we serve healthy food options, students will eat it.

—-OR—- salad bar with potato soup



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