January 11

New Lunches

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I think we should change a few things about our school lunch. One, we should add a dessert for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think people would like it if we had, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, brownies, etc. for an option. Next, we should have a better and healthier menu. A few healthier options could be, real tasting meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc. And lastly, there should be a soup and sandwich bar everyday in case the students don´t like what they have scheduled on the menu. A few sandwich options could be, ham, turkey, and there would be some veggies and cheeses to add on to your sandwich. And if we added some chicken noodle soup and wild rice to that I think it would be very popular. I think people would eat the school lunch more often if we added these new ideas to our school.

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