April 16


Class is the most boring thing i have ever been too.You have to do homework you have to listen to teachers you have to follow orders and it never ends.We get up at 6 have to go to school at 8 and stay there till 3.For 7 whole hours we sit in a class room and learn and learn and learn and when ever we do get to do something fun its a once in a month type of thing.Its so fun to be home all day and hang out with friends and go on our phones and do whatever we want.What makes me really mad is that on the weekend we have 2 days of no school but in the week we have 5 days of school i just wish for one whole day we cant just sit in  school and do whatever we want cause when the teachers say it will be a fun day tomorrow it will be the next day and we will still learn in atleast one class we still learn and i just wish when the teachers said that they actully meant it and we got the whole 7 hours to ourselfs

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My name is Matty and i like to dirt bike I play hockey and Baseball and i go to school at Warroad high school i am a seventh grader and i dont like school that much but i have to deal with it.

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