April 16

If I Could Change the School…

BY: Katrina Warkentin

If I could change the school, I would start with better lunches. Some schools are sponsored by local fast food places. We could be sponsored by Dairy Queen or Subway. It is highly unlikely that that would ever happen though… I would just get a better lunch menu.

I would also add in more elective classes. School should be fun. A class that I would definitely bring back is Home Ec. classes. I would add in another art class and I would make it an option to learn more languages other than French (the only other language that our school offers).

Another good thing to change (which  I think many will agree with me) is the time that school starts. many kids don’t get enough sleep at night, and are to tired to focus. It would be a good thing to have school start some time around nine in the morning or nine thirty. If this change happened, many students would be more energetic during school, and that might help them raise their grades.


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My name is Katrina. I am in 7th grade and going to Warroad High School. In my spare time I like to read, write and draw. I am a HUGE Disney fan and an L.M.Montgomery fan. I have three older sisters, and no brothers.

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