April 16

(old stories) Duluth MN.

Some people say that Duluth is  lost case, but their not correct, Duluth was first built in the 1800’s. And Duluth has old schools here from the 1900’s and they still are in good conditions. And Duluth’s population has grown over the years and the reason i wanted to bring Duluth up was because i wanted to tell a story when the news reporter thought that a tornado was going to hit Duluth. I was so scared but my parents were not worried like i was they said that no tornado can hit Duluth because of lake superior and the mountain that we live on if a tornado his Duluth after all of these years it would be the first. The picture at the bottom is lake superior and some of down town. Its really some think and i can’t put my finger on it.





Ore boat coming in. Notice the bridge color.Creative Commons License Steve Moses via Compfight

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My name is Mackenzie i have two dogs. i used to live in Duluth MN. now i live in warroad MN, i love dogs i like cats. i have good friends, i like to play with my dogs and play hide and seek they don't really understand it but they do like to play chase Mackenzie. my dogs a friendly dogs they love people they are good with other dogs one of them has a lot of energy and loves to play. the other one like to just lay down not really full of energy.

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