April 17

If i could change myself

by james

I would change myself to be taller so that when i am at practice it is not as hard to run or jump so it would make things way more easy and a lot less hard and I would also like to be realy strong Baseball Peter Miller via Compfight

and I think it would help for baseball because you have to be really strong to play baseball well at least if your in the out field you have to be strong enough to be able to through to home plate or at least to short stop and that is a long through.

And you also need to be very strong to hit a baseball into the out field. and you need to be strong and fast to run the bases prety quick. I would like it if I was a little bit faster so I could be faster than every body.

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I am james and I am in 7th grade.I like to fish and hunt. and I plan to work at DQ after I finish high school . right now i work with my dad odd jobs and other things right now i am working on a floring job.

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