April 23

Changing the School’s Rules

If I could change, what I would change about the school is first: Make is so we only need five hours of community service, and the community has super easy community service projects that I could do…

Second: The lunches for me is a big problem because I am a very picky person and I only want to eat BBQ ribs,  steak, my dads pancakes, cheese burgers, baked potato, chicken patty, doughnuts, and my moms home made french fries at school.

Third: I would make it so we got a six months of school and the other six is summer spring break.

Fourth: I would also make sure that every one got an ice cream with their lunch every Monday.

DSC_0049Creative Commons License Stefan Muth via Compfight

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

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Hi my name is Kyle, I am a seventh grader. My hobbies includes playing video games, playing baseball, and playing football. What I plan on doing after school most days is to play xbox or computer and go to baseball. I also plan on eating a cheese burger after school!

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