December 8

My Dog and Her Story

   My dogs name is Bauer. She is almost 1 year old. She is an Australian shepherd and German shepherd mix. I am going to tell you how I got her. Last summer I was in the cities for a hockey tournament with my friend. After our game, we both were super hungry, so we went to Noodles and Company. Once we got there and had ordered our food, my friend and I were looking out the window at a Pet Co when we asked our parents if we could go there to look at the animals that were being groomed. Eventually we got them to take us. The second we entered the building my eyes examined the sign that said, “Adoption event” . That’s when I saw all the dogs and puppies. There where big ones and small ones there were adult ones and baby ones. I was so excited. Then at that moment, I looked over my shoulder to see the most cute, sleepy, and completely adorable little puppy of them all. I ran over and asked the volunteers if I could hold her and they lifted her out of her little pen that she was in with her brothers and sisters and gave her to me. We walked all over the store together well my mom was taking care of asking questions and being the great mom she is. After a lot of begging and pleading my mom let us adopt her. Bauer was super scared well everything was happening though because she was actually a rescue dog. She came from Arkansas from a puppy mill. It was super sad but now she has a home and a family that loves her.

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December 8

My Barrel Racing Story

Determination - Barrel Racing - Parada del Sol Rodeo Al_HikesAZ via Compfight

My name is Morgan, I´m a barrel racer. I´m 13 years old and I have been riding horses since before I could walk. My favorite pony that I used to have was a pony named Flower. We had to get rid of her when she was really old with one of our other horses. She had to go with that horse because she was blind, which meant she needed a figure to follow, and Flower was her figure. That horses name was Venus. She was a roan, which is a color of horse. Horses are my passion.

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December 8

1.1k views on my Youtube Video

This past November I posted a Youtube video of me and brother go ice fishing, as of now I have 1,100 views. I did this by doing what people call a click-bait, a click-bait is a video were you put a crazy title with a crazy picture to make people want to watch it, like using a hook to get someone to read a book. The name of the video is ”Ice Fishing on 1 inch Ice in November (BAD IDEA)”. The key is the (BAD IDEA) part because people are thinking ”I have to see what the bad idea is” and ”He’s totally gonna fall through” so they click on the video, that’s why it’s called a click-bait. I now what you’re saying ”Your an idiot, your going to kill your self.” but I was actually just standing on my dock fishing. With only 25 subscribers 10 likes and 1.1k views is really good but overall i’m happy.IMG_0040Creative Commons License Ilkka Jukarainen via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight ralfpreuss via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight

December 7

My Dog’s

I have two dogs their name’s are Scout and Ranger. They are both Black Labs. Scout is 8 years old and Ranger is 7 months old. Scout did not like Ranger at all when we got her. One time Scout bit Ranger and she started yelping. She had a mark right below her eye. Scout is very protective of our family so if you touch him he will most likely growl or maybe even bite you. Ranger is very playful but sometimes she gets super crazy. They both love each other    and now they are best friends.

The picture below is Ranger.

Picture by Talya H

This picture is of Scout. 

Picture by Talya H


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November 11

The Deer of the North

Photo by Katie

At the Angle are regularly  and we are one of the many families that feed them,And Ihave had many followers me experience with the is fantastic beasts.Ill start with a few years ago about 6to be exact,my mom and dad had dicided that it would be a good idea to feed the deer,so we got a huge thin of corn and we would give them about three to four hand fulls  a day when my sister and I got home from school.I remember there long brown faces staring in my window waiting for me to come and feed them,and they still do this this day.  But a last year that went to the extremes, so last winter I would walk to school and befor I left I would give the deer there food,but one day we ran out of food.Lets just say that they were not pleased with that .Thay started following me to school and waiting for me when I got home,that would wate for me on our porch and look in the window on our door,we finely gave up and brought them food but they still seam to remember that we can and will give them food .

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November 8

Should We Keep Looking?

The deer bounded pastCreative Commons License

ANBerlin via Compfight 

I was hunting this weekend with my uncle in his stand and it was Saturday in the afternoon around 5;30. My uncle said that there was a deer right in front of us. I got my gun ready to shoot the doe, then I shot. I shot the doe and then it ran. While we were getting ready to look for the deer a 6 point buck came out and followed her. We looked for the deer till 7 because it got to late. On Sunday we looked again and followed the blood then we noticed that there was wolf tracks follow my deer and buck. We quit looking for my deer and now I have to go hunting to get another deer. That was my hardest choice to make was if we should have kept looking for my deer or not.

November 3

Our Cat Mombo

No, I won't look at the camera !! Ruth via CompfightMombo is a black cat, when we moved out of are old house in Williams we couldn’t bring him and our other cat Tiger. A few months later one of my older sisters was outside in the woods while it was snowing and saw our black cat walking towards are house. He had frostbite on both his ears so most of the top of his ears were gone and his fur fell off by his ears and e was bleeding. A year after that he still had scabs on his ears and would still scratch them. We learnt that our other cat Tiger was now a wild cat who romed the road we lived on. One of the people who live there is still trying to trap Tiger. Its been six years since we moved, the lady is still trying to trap Tiger and Mombo now doesn’t scratch his ears and his fur has grown back. We still don’t know how he found his way home. I forgot to take a picture of my cat but he looks kind of like this.

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October 27

My Land

photo by: Tayanna

Two weeks ago I went to my land to cut wood for our cabin to keep warm. We also put food in the deer feeder and sighted are guns in. On our way home I took about 200 pictures of the sun set. Then my phone died and I freaked out so my dad gave me his phone and I took about 200 on his too. My mom loves the sunset I also love the sunset.

Last week I went to my land for my birthday and my dad´s whole side of his family was there and we went deer hunting and grouse hunting. WE also cut wood for this weekend and next weekend so we can stay warm. Chevy and I went on a walk when the boys went hunting and we brought Kit my dog. I had to use my t-shirt for kit because she needed something bright on.

October 26

Wild Animals

Picture courtesy of Anders Thompson

Picture courtesy of Anders Thompson.  This is me holding a snake. Me and my cousins were outside, and we found a snake. My cousin tried to pick it up, but it bit him then slithered away. Later we found this snake, i put a stick on it and picked it up. When we were done we let it go.


Picture courtesy of my dad (Brian Gustafson)

Picture courtesy of my dad (Brian Gustafson). Me and my dad sat out in a stand for 2 days, morning and afternoon. And on the last night of the youth hunt I was sitting on the edge of a field. It was 5 minutes until dark, and I thought I would have to wait until regular season to shoot a deer, but I saw something in the distance. 3 deer walking straight to us. I got my gun set up early so they wouldn’t see me. I got set up, and took the shot on the closest deer (approximately 125 yards). I shot it right behind the front shoulder. It dropped, got up and ran into the woods.  We waited 5 minutes then climbed down and checked for blood. We didnt see much, but we saw the direction. 20 minutes later we found it 10 yards from the edge of the woods.

October 25

My Dog Ruger

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photo by Kaylee Hoy

This is a picture of my dog Ruger. He is 1 years old in the photo above. Ruger is named after a gun, he was originally from a hunting family. His old family didn’t want him because they thought he was too big and would be mean to kids. Ruger had 2 other families before he came to us. He is from Greenbush, MN if I’m not mistaken. He gets into a lot of trouble. Ruger really likes to steal hats, gloves, and shoes. The reason why he steals these things is because he is only 2 years old. He weighs a little over 130 lbs (that’s more than me). We got Ruger on January 4, 2014 and his birthday is sometime in April. Another interesting thing about Ruger is that he doesn’t have a tail (you can see in the picture bellow). 

photo by Kaylee Hoy

This picture is from when we first got him.