October 26

Wild Animals

Picture courtesy of Anders Thompson

Picture courtesy of Anders Thompson.  This is me holding a snake. Me and my cousins were outside, and we found a snake. My cousin tried to pick it up, but it bit him then slithered away. Later we found this snake, i put a stick on it and picked it up. When we were done we let it go.


Picture courtesy of my dad (Brian Gustafson)

Picture courtesy of my dad (Brian Gustafson). Me and my dad sat out in a stand for 2 days, morning and afternoon. And on the last night of the youth hunt I was sitting on the edge of a field. It was 5 minutes until dark, and I thought I would have to wait until regular season to shoot a deer, but I saw something in the distance. 3 deer walking straight to us. I got my gun set up early so they wouldn’t see me. I got set up, and took the shot on the closest deer (approximately 125 yards). I shot it right behind the front shoulder. It dropped, got up and ran into the woods.  We waited 5 minutes then climbed down and checked for blood. We didnt see much, but we saw the direction. 20 minutes later we found it 10 yards from the edge of the woods.

October 25

My Dog Ruger

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photo by Kaylee Hoy

This is a picture of my dog Ruger. He is 1 years old in the photo above. Ruger is named after a gun, he was originally from a hunting family. His old family didn’t want him because they thought he was too big and would be mean to kids. Ruger had 2 other families before he came to us. He is from Greenbush, MN if I’m not mistaken. He gets into a lot of trouble. Ruger really likes to steal hats, gloves, and shoes. The reason why he steals these things is because he is only 2 years old. He weighs a little over 130 lbs (that’s more than me). We got Ruger on January 4, 2014 and his birthday is sometime in April. Another interesting thing about Ruger is that he doesn’t have a tail (you can see in the picture bellow). 

photo by Kaylee Hoy

This picture is from when we first got him.

October 6

My Dream Pet Monkey!

Isla de los MonosCreative Commons License Adam Baker via Compfight

If I could have any pet I would love a baby monkey. I want a baby monkey because look how cute it is. I would name her Ari. Hopefully she would get along with other pets. I would make a place in the house for her so she would have her own space and not get bothered much. Ari would be the sweetest little monkey ever. If you bother her a lot she would go hide in a little place where no one could get her. I hope people will like her. This is my dream pet monkey.

October 6

My Pet Llama!

Hey There

Thomas Hawk via Compfight


If i could have any pet in the world I would have a boy llama named Rover, he is very friendly to people, and other animals. He also is very fluffy and REALLY fat. If you are rude to Rover the Llama he will definitely spit at you. He has two fangs in his mouth that are in the front and stick out. Rover favorite foods are are hay and grain, and lots of treats. Rover is very energetic and he can be very sleepy too. Rover would live in a barn across from my house with lots of food and water. He would have a white colored body and bright blue eyes.

October 6

My Pet Alpaca

Canzelle Alpacas - Carpinteria, California Chris Goldberg via Compfight

My dream pet would be an alpaca. I would name it Candace and take it for long walks. She is the nicest alpaca i know and have. I would take it for long walks down the gravel road by my dads house to Salol, MN because we only live about 2 miles away.

I would want it to be a brown, white, and grey alpaca and I would help my dad build a big barn/living area for Candace.

I hope that she got along withe the dogs and cats we have along with the cows that our land lord owns because i know that my dog Anica wouldn’t like her very much.

October 2

Wolves are the best!

NZ grp36.17DSC_0565Creative Commons License Laura Wolf via Compfight

I choose wolves to have as a pet because wolves are my third favorite animals.The reason I picked wolves is because my dog looks kinda like a wolf.Her name would be star and she would be a gray wolf.I would like to have her as a pup and train her to be around people.I would love it if she can live inside of my house but I don’t  want her to get used to it inside.Sooner or later she will have to go outside.I would love to have a wolf one day as a pet.

September 29


Pomeranian’s are small dogs I imagine there similar to Chihuahua ‘s. Pomeranian’s are part of a group of dogs the called the toy dog. I think there like little potato dogs so I call them ” little potato dogs “. they were originally from Germany and Poland. they descended from the German Spitz. Pomeranian’s are energetic and like a lot of attention.   Shutter Runner via CompfiTeddy Enjoying a Fall Dayght

September 25

My dog is fun

Picture by Ayden Reed.

My dog is small for her type she is a golden retriever lab and she is full grown.  I have looked up golden retrievers and labs and many other dogs like her and none of them are as small as her. Although she is small it is kind of nice because she fits in small places like  the middle of the seats in my moms car.She is three years old and very fun to play with she likes Frisbees her ball and people.

The only trouble I have with her is when she was small she ate shoes. Now that she is older she has learned how to take plates of the counter without breaking them when nobody is home. And every time we get marshmallows she gets them of the counter and eats the whole bag. she can also open the front door and the patio door she can also unlock the patio door so we have to put a stick in it so it wont slide.


September 20

My baby boy Chief

This picture was taken by Autum Carlson.


I know this is just the eye of my dog I’m sorry I don’t have a full picture of him yet because I just got a new phone and I need to get all of my picture’s of him.I will be posting a lot about him.My dog is a Siberian Husky he is 9 months old.He has a lot of energy.The way he tells me to play with him is that he will bite me in the arm.Other than the biting he is a nice lovable dog.He loves the snow he will go play in it all day long.He loves to eat snow and grass.He will go outside just to eat the grass.I will be sure to post a full picture of him as soon as I can!

September 19

Fall Dog

Two years ago about this time of the year was when my dog passed away. His name was Chocolate . He had cancer for about 4 years and the week before he passed he was running around playing with us . 4 days later he didn’t run out to the bus to me and Cooper like he usually did and when we got to the house Chocolate could not get up the steps .He passed 2 days later. 🙁 Then that Summer we got a new dog named Kit. Her original name was Kitty. She was named by her previous owners. We trained her to sit, lay down, speak, fetch, drop, and shake. Her breed is Catahoula Leopard dog and Chocolate lab mix.

photo taken by Jon Cole
This is my new dog

photo taken by Cole family
This is my old dog

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