December 8

1.1k views on my Youtube Video

This past November I posted a Youtube video of me and brother go ice fishing, as of now I have 1,100 views. I did this by doing what people call a click-bait, a click-bait is a video were you put a crazy title with a crazy picture to make people want to watch it, like using a hook to get someone to read a book. The name of the video is ”Ice Fishing on 1 inch Ice in November (BAD IDEA)”. The key is the (BAD IDEA) part because people are thinking ”I have to see what the bad idea is” and ”He’s totally gonna fall through” so they click on the video, that’s why it’s called a click-bait. I now what you’re saying ”Your an idiot, your going to kill your self.” but I was actually just standing on my dock fishing. With only 25 subscribers 10 likes and 1.1k views is really good but overall i’m happy.IMG_0040Creative Commons License Ilkka Jukarainen via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight ralfpreuss via Compfight Jill Bazeley via Compfight

October 30

I caught a big fish

Look at the huge fish I caught, it’s about 34 inches I think.well it was huge and it was the biggest fish i have caught by far it was easy the best thing to happen over the summer.ha got you, did you fall for it if you did type yes in the comments this was at Scheels on my birthday,in October so it was not even in the summer i got you guys good didnt I.

September 22

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing in Vladivostok, Russia Thiago Pompeu via Compfight

I can’t wait for ice fishing the main thing I like is catching the fish. The key to fishing is the spot and the bait. I usually use for bait is like a golden bait because it shines in the water. I also will tip the bait with a minnow. Usually when I fish I have to be warm and not hungry. We as in me and my dad will wake up around 6 and stop fishing until 7 to 8 o’clock. we don’t fish by our self usually we will have 5 to 6 group of people in one spot. The first person to catch the fish will usually keep it quiet until the group of people go around asking if they caught anything. Usually my dad will smoke outside the ice house but when it is freezing he will smoke inside so when he does I get out and explore the lake sometimes I will find dead left over fish. But the most thing I have ever found is wood it will be all over the lake. I will find broken rods and a reel some times shovels. But when I get in the house it will be all cleared up. When I fish I use a Vexilar my dad uses bobbers because it is easier for him but once and awhile  he will use my vexilar. So that is usually my winter.