November 27

Best Monday

p picture taken by wand Tompson

I got home from school and I was home for about 10 min and I saw my grandpa. When I opened the door he said do you want to go hunting I said yes and got my stuff and went out to the truck.So when we got to the stand it was about 4:05.We sat for about 20 min be for I saw a doe and I tapped my grandpa on the back and he handed the gun to me.So I got the gun up and lined up on the deer and tried to pull the trigger and nothing went off and the doe was gone. It was about 3 min till sun down when my grandpa said over there so I got up on her and shot .I had hit her but she was still going and so I shot her one more time and that time she went down.So by the end of the day I had a deer.When I got up to the deer found out that I blew the liver and I wrecked some meat on it  but  I am done deer hunting for the year.

November 9

The Hardest choice

White-tailed deerCreative Commons License USFWSmidwest Prairie Chicken or pinnated grouse, Prince Albert National Parkm Hoffman                                                                                        The hardest choice I had make was to shoot a grouse or a deer.If I shot a grouse  I could risk scaring deer in the are or I could have a tasty grouse dinner . so I shot a grouse and I had a grouse lunch that day.

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November 9

A Hard Choice

A hard choice would be to shoot a 10 pointer or an 8 pointer that is bigger than the 10 pointer. For me I would shoot both if I could. My first choice would be the 10 pointer for the rack. My second choice would be to shoot the 8 pointer for the meat. If it were my dad he would have shot the 8 pointer. All of my brothers would have shot the 10 pointer I think. 7099ex  buck at dusk jjjj56cp via CompfightCreative Commons License 

November 8

Should We Keep Looking?

The deer bounded pastCreative Commons License

ANBerlin via Compfight 

I was hunting this weekend with my uncle in his stand and it was Saturday in the afternoon around 5;30. My uncle said that there was a deer right in front of us. I got my gun ready to shoot the doe, then I shot. I shot the doe and then it ran. While we were getting ready to look for the deer a 6 point buck came out and followed her. We looked for the deer till 7 because it got to late. On Sunday we looked again and followed the blood then we noticed that there was wolf tracks follow my deer and buck. We quit looking for my deer and now I have to go hunting to get another deer. That was my hardest choice to make was if we should have kept looking for my deer or not.

November 1

Pheasant Hunting With A Group


Ocean Shores:  Pheasant GD Taber via Compfight Pheasant hunting is fun and a little hard.So when a dog is pointing at a bird you got got to be ready.So when the bird fly’s up let it get in the air for a little bit.When it comes to cleaning the bird it is almost like a grouse.I went on a peasant hunt last month it was very fun. The total birds shot in our group was 12 out of 24.Next year when peasant hunting is ready I will sign up again next year.


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October 27

My Amazing MEA Weekend!

Picture By Leah L.

Picture By Cory L.



It all started out with a crane hunt. We shot our cranes by Thief River Falls, MN. We pass shoot, which means we hide in the ditch and wait for the cranes to fly over our heads. I personally think that crane hunting is fun but also very hard. It is hard to know when to shoot because if they are to high and you shoot you blow your cover and then you have to move down the ditch. You need to be very camouflaged. Cranes have amazing eyesight.                                                  When I shot my crane I used a 20 gage shot gun. My 20 gage really packs a punch. I think my gun is “magic” because I have shot probably 5/7 turkeys in some really tough situations and suprising shots with that gun, I love it! The best part of shooting a crane, turkey, deer (etc.) is eating it. 9/10 times your meal of your animal will turn out AWESOME, especially when you eat deer, it’s pretty hard to mess that up. The way you cook your animal takes a big part in how it will turn out. 

When I shot my 2nd deer, it was this awesome rush of adrenaline that ran through my whole entire body, especially when you first see that deer poke its head out of the woods, and walks a few yards out into the field and your hunting buddy (my dad) tells you don’t move but also he tells you get your gun (I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t see it at first)! Then my dad said deer over there to your left. When that deer came out of the woods I wanted to yell “YOU’RE DEAD” but I held it in because it was about 5 more min.   It was going to be pitch black out and I would go home deer-less. I got my gun up and ready as quiet as I could and amed for the left shoulder. When I shot I really didn’t realize that I pulled the trigger but then I heard the gun so I knew, then I looked up to see the deer so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. When I saw it drop I looked right at dad, he smiled and said you got it! I was so excited I told my dad I wanted to do my happy dance but we were still in the really high-up box stand so I couldn’t!                My grandpa was waiting on the road to pick us up but when he heard the gunshot he came right out in the field.  We walked 150 yards out there I ran right up to it and realized that I had gotten a really big doe, and shot in the neck and didn’t ruin any of the meat! When we were done talking pictures of me and my deer  I finally got to do my happy dance! We brought it back to The Shack (our hunting cabin). We gutted it back there because there was better knifes and there was way better light there. While my dad was gutting  the deer we noticed the milk was dried up, so we knew then she didn’t leave any young fawns behind.  The rest of the night I could not stop smiling! 



Picture By Kelsey L.

When my dad, myself  and 4 of his buddies went goose hunting on October 19th, 2017 I shot my 3rd and 4th goose. It was really fun, but the wind was not in our favor it was really nice out and there was no wind at all and when the wind came after about 45 min it was behind us. We got 9 gesse that day, it was ok but we could’ve done better. I got 2 geese and that was really fun because I haven’t got one in like 5 years! 

Picture By Jason B.

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October 27

Hunting For Grouse

It was a good Saturday morning. I called over max and Karter we got our guns ready for grouse hunting. Of course pellet guns because it would be illegal with no adult if we had our real guns. anyway max came with is four wheeler  and me and Krater grabbed our guns we decided to talk the old railroad to our favorite spot for grouse when we made it. We looked and looked for hours so we decided to go to max’s campground. right as we were about to cross the road Karter says I see tow of them! we pull out the guns and I shot the 1st one. After  that we had a great day of hunting!

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October 27

My Land

photo by: Tayanna

Two weeks ago I went to my land to cut wood for our cabin to keep warm. We also put food in the deer feeder and sighted are guns in. On our way home I took about 200 pictures of the sun set. Then my phone died and I freaked out so my dad gave me his phone and I took about 200 on his too. My mom loves the sunset I also love the sunset.

Last week I went to my land for my birthday and my dad´s whole side of his family was there and we went deer hunting and grouse hunting. WE also cut wood for this weekend and next weekend so we can stay warm. Chevy and I went on a walk when the boys went hunting and we brought Kit my dog. I had to use my t-shirt for kit because she needed something bright on.

October 26

A Good Weekend

This weekend I shot my first deer it was so exciting and I was happy. How it happened is it was my first day hunting ever! It was getting late and I was just waiting to go home when my dad said there was a deer. I looked over and there was two deer walking out of the field my heart started beating so fast I thought it was going to jump out.  My dad told me to grab the gun but slowly because there was one suspicious deer it kept looking at us.When it stopped my dad put down my sweatshirt to help me I followed the deer with my scope then I pulled the trigger. It jumped really high and ran into the woods I thought I missed it but my dad said I don´t think so we waited for a minute then we followed it. My dad told me too hold my gun just in case it laid down to rest. I looked all over then I saw it laying in the grass. My uncle came out because he lived close by and he was happy for me too. He put it on his four wheeler and we got back to the truck then we tagged it. We drove it too my uncles where my brother, my mom and my cousin and they all said nice shooting this was a good weekend

Photo by Mason Aasen

Photo by Pete Aasen

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