April 17

If i could change myself

by james

I would change myself to be taller so that when i am at practice it is not as hard to run or jump so it would make things way more easy and a lot less hard and I would also like to be realy strong Baseball Peter Miller via Compfight

and I think it would help for baseball because you have to be really strong to play baseball well at least if your in the out field you have to be strong enough to be able to through to home plate or at least to short stop and that is a long through.

And you also need to be very strong to hit a baseball into the out field. and you need to be strong and fast to run the bases prety quick. I would like it if I was a little bit faster so I could be faster than every body.

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March 29

How to be the best player in hockey

When you want to be the best player in hockey you have to train and practice on and off the ice so that you can be the best. but before you start you need to get the right stick I use Ccm but Bauer and warrior is good too if you are like I use a 70 flex so that when i take a shot it has the right flex so it whips the puck.after that you want to aim with the tip of your stickEn riktig skitmatch…Creative Commons License Patrick Strandberg via Compfight

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December 15

Warroad Varsity’s Trip to State (hockey)

Last year our girls varsity went to state for hockey. But the game to get there was super intense. They played EGF. Our girls were tied with them 1-1 all the way till the third period when we scored, leading the game 2-1. I was there myself and my sister was playing. It was super exciting until they scored again too. Now we were tied again 2-2. With about 23 seconds left in the game one of our top defense skated the puck. She faked a slap shot then walked in closer and sniped it top shelve. She SCORED the wining goal! After the clock ran out, we all rushed down to the ice to celebrate. Our girls went to state. They ended up getting 3rd place.

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December 14

Hockey weekend

Scoring chance (Explored) R.A. Killmer via Compfight


Over the weekend I had a hockey tournament in Fergus Falls MN. We did not do very well,we got 6th place out of 8 teams.But we did win one of our games.We won it in a shoot out we were playing a team from the cities.I got the game winning goal in the shoutout but after I scored are goalie had to save a shot before we won. Inthe next game we were winning against Detroit Lakes 4 to 2 and then I got checked from behind and got a concussion.So I had to sit out for the rest of the game. After I got hurt the game just started to go way down hill for us and in the end we lost 8 to 11. If we would have won we would have got a trophy. But since we lost we did not get anything.

December 14

My First Snowmobile Crash

ThundercatCreative Commons License Jeremy Rempel via Compfight                                             I have a Polaris 500 XC edge snowmobile. One day I went riding with my neighbor but I had to ride his old sled because mine was getting fixed. We were riding in a field and there was a snowbank at the edge of the field that my neighbor was jumping with his new sled. I went to drive over it because his old one was too heavy to jump. I was going to drive over a smaller part that was between two bigger parts but I accidentally went on the side of one of the bigger parts. The sled started to tip so I jumped off and it slid down normally but the ski went over my arm and I almost couldn’t get it out from under the ski.

December 8

The Undefeated 11

Jordy Nelson Elvis Kennedy via Compfight                                                     I love to play football. My team, the Warroad Warriors, were undefeated last season. We played many teams including Baudette, Rousseau, Badger, Thief River Falls, and International Falls. We played 9 games and 6 of them were shutouts. It’s surprising that we did so well because we had only 11 players while other teams had up to 30 players. Our very last game we only had 9 because some players were ineligible  so we had to put some of the smaller 8th graders on our team. Since we only had 11 players if anyone got hurt they just had to deal with it. We had a great time and season, and hopefully we will have more players next season.

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December 8

Snowboarding at Silverton

bieszczady #2Creative Commons License Mateusz Gazda via Compfight Hi my names Liberty and I love to snowboard.  I started to snowboard when I was about 4 years old.  My dad had been a snowboarder since he was 18, and he was really good, so some major snowboarding/ski companies gave him equipment for free if he would wear it around so it was like advertising.  Since I live in Minnesota, and we don’t really have very many mountains, on Saturdays, if there isn’t a basketball tournement  /game, then we drive about 4 1/2 hours to go to a ski resort called Giants Ridge.  When we are in Idaho, we go to a resort called Silverton Mountain, which is halfway in between Montana and Idaho, so you can snowboard in two states in the same day!  It is really fun, and I enjoy it a lot.

December 8

My Basketball Team

I’m very close to my basketball team. The Warroad girls always support each other even we did something wrong. We always look out for each other. The Warroad girls can be goofy. The Warroad girls make each other happy. The Warroad girls are always confident to win a game. Nothing can’t break our spirit even if we lose. My basketball team is special and no team would have the same basketball team like mine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Continue reading

December 8

What I Did on My Snowday

  1. Skating Rink

    Creative Commons License Kurt Bauschardt via Compfight

What I’m going to write about today is what I did on my snow day. I woke up around 8 to 8:30 and ate breakfast. Then a couple of my brothers friends came over and wanted me and my brother to go on a snowmobile ride with them. So we did first we went all the way across warroad to one of there houses. We rode around his house for a while then we went into his garage to take a break and decide what we were going to do next. My brother and I decided that we should probaly head home because I had hockey practice at 4:30 and by that time it was already 3 o’clock so we kinda needed to hurry. So we left and on the way home my brother got stuck and It took us like half hour to get him out. By the time we got home are mom had called us like 20 times wondering where we were. But in the end I made it to practice barely on time.

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