January 11

What Minnesota Basketball is missing

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I think that Minnesota’s youth basketball association should have a state championship game. Right now youth basketball is just a bunch of random games with no reward having a state championship game would have more people joining for the experience and it would build a passion in them.It would also have more basketball players working harder with a goal.I think this would be a great learning experience for kids and their parents alike.

January 11

Should We Have More Stores ?

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Should Warroad have more stores? Warroad has 2 main stores. If you have to get something special like a plain white shirt you may have a hard time finding this product. I believe we should have a Target because, Target has cloths food and necessary home tools. Lots of people will agree that we need more stores. I wanted to right this report because this is serious. Thank you for reading this,and please help us get mores stores!! ūüôā

December 15

My Family

I love my family.¬† My family has 6 members: Mom, Dad, Winter, Abigail, Isaiah, and me.¬† We have cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and fish.¬† Two of my siblings are out of the house, one being in college, the other being in the Navy.¬† They are coming up for the holidays soon, and I am very excited, because I haven¬īt seen them in a while.¬† Sometimes I wish that they weren’t out of the house, because I look up to both of them very much.¬† When my older sister is coming up for Christmas, her fiance is coming with her, and he is from Columbia and he is really cool.¬† I wish that my sisters were home more, but we can¬īt always get what you want.¬† My father owns his own company in Roseau ( I know, the worst place).¬† My mother also owns a massage company in Warroad.

December 15

Scene 3- The Spirit of Christmas Past

I think this scene is very important to A Christmas Carol. To me it shows the reason why he is so abrasive. His sweet heart didn’t want to marry him because he was greedy and only thought of his personal gain. I think that means that his love for money affects how others think of him.¬† His love for money also gets in the way of his personal and social life. He may be rude and harsh because the person he loved left him. That caused him to focus all his time on his work and gaining money.

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December 15

Going to the city

I’m going to the cities on Friday. I’m visiting my grandparents. I’m don’t know how long i’ll stay there. The cities is really crowded but i like it sometimes. I miss the loud noises of cars and people. I’m getting used to Warroad. It’s more quite and peaceful. I made some friends and have some family members here. We won’t be playing any basketball games until January so that’s a good thing i won’t miss any games. When i go to the city i’m going to see most of my family members from my mom side. Can’t wait to see my grandma. She’s been sick and i wanna be there for her. I’ve grew up with my grandma. She taught me a lot of things. I thought we was going to the city on Christmas, but my grandma is sick so we’re going early. Here i come city…Auckland SkylineCreative Commons License Arran Bee via Compfight

December 15

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football is my 2nd favorite sport. I don’t play anymore.But I still like the sport although basketball is my favorite sport.My favorite football players are Marshawn Lynch and le’veon bell both of them are runningbacks and half backs.

December 15

My Trip To Duluth

Picture by Jordan C

Me and my brother went to Duluth to visit our aunt, and we spent the day by the bridge. We ate at noodles and company at the mall. We lwent to a museum and then we skipped rocks. Then we went home and ate pizza for dinner.

Picture by Jordan C

December 15

my awesome tractor

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I have been driving the Alice Chalmers tractor for a whale. I’ll rake with it and I’ll drive it around for fun. It’s a lot’s of work to fix it, because there are a lot of parts to take out and put back together.¬† Farming is normally done by the 4th of July, and that is when I get to use it.

December 14

A Family Trip to Norway

     Last year my family took a trip to Norway. Our plane ride was a total of 9 hours long (just to get there) the plane went to France, so I got to see what France looked like. My grandma rented a house just outside of the city Oslo. There were 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room.

¬† ¬† ¬†When I first arrived in Oslo I was stunned because I’ve never seen such a busy city. We took a bus every time we wanted to go to the city. In Oslo we walked everywhere, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe, they have the best food ever. Just down the street from our house was a place called the “Joker” [yo-ker]. We would buy this pop called Solo, but it tasted just like orange Crush. We stayed in Oslo for 4 days.

     When we left Oslo we were supposed to go to Bergen but we ended up stopping in a town in between Oslo and Bergen because a guy on the train had a seizure. We ended up taking a charter bus the rest of the way, it was way better than the train because we got to see the fjords, it was really cool. When we got to Bergen we went to find our hotel. The next day we went up a gondola to the top of a cliff on the mountain. It had an amazing view of the whole city. My family and I went to an aquarium and saw alligators, fish, penguins, walruses, etc. On the 5th day we went to a viking ship museum and saw actual viking ships that they used in the 14th century. 

¬† ¬† ¬†After that my grandma’s cousin came and picked us up because he lives in Norway. We went to their house and played soccer for a little bit. Then we went to the Lillehammer hockey arena where they played the Winter Olympics. We also walked over to the ski jump and got to see someone go off of it

     After that we went to back to their house and played a little more soccer. Then my mom announced that we were leaving and I was really sad. Norway was a blast, I would love to go there again. In fact, my grandma is there right now! 

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