April 19

If I Could Change The School

By Madison

One thing I would change about school is it starting so early. Most students hate getting up early, right next to homework. Its hard getting up for something you are unmotivated to do. Plus, most kids and teenagers do not get to bed at an early time.

Another thing is sometimes people get bullied at school and that makes them not want to go to school even more. I would change bullying, so students would feel more safe at school. Also, bullying sometimes affects the learning of the student getting bullied and the bully.

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April 16

If I Could Change the School…

BY: Katrina Warkentin

If I could change the school, I would start with better lunches. Some schools are sponsored by local fast food places. We could be sponsored by Dairy Queen or Subway. It is highly unlikely that that would ever happen though… I would just get a better lunch menu.

I would also add in more elective classes. School should be fun. A class that I would definitely bring back is Home Ec. classes. I would add in another art class and I would make it an option to learn more languages other than French (the only other language that our school offers).

Another good thing to change (which  I think many will agree with me) is the time that school starts. many kids don’t get enough sleep at night, and are to tired to focus. It would be a good thing to have school start some time around nine in the morning or nine thirty. If this change happened, many students would be more energetic during school, and that might help them raise their grades.


what time-

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November 17


I can’t sing.Unless someone bribes me to sing for them, I’d do it.My father thinks I’m a decent singer but one,he’s well, my dad and two,I think I’m horrible.I can’t really judge myself because I’m not really good at that,but I know that I’m a bad singer.I like to sing in Japanese because people that speak in a different language(especially people who speak English) can´t criticize me.I also like the sound of it(because I am a anime nerd). Haley Johnsen Al Case via Compfight

October 13

More Free Time

Blog 4 “If I could change…” By Ayden  Gustafson

If I could change one thing about myself, I would want more free time to play basketball, sleep and play video games. I wake up, and go to school from 8:00-3:00. Then I go to cross country practice. After that I either go to church, go to a Cross Country meet, or go to Warbotics. Also on Sunday I go to church, then go to Warbotics from 1:00-4:00, then do other things in town, such as get groceries until 5:00. Then I have a 30 minute drive home. Saturdays, and Fridays are sometimes free, though

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October 13

7th-9th grade privileges

Blog #4 If I could change something…

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7th through 12th graders should get to go to places during lunch.I know 10th through 12th graders get to go but what about 7th,8th,and 9th graders?A teacher could come and handle a small group of mature teens.Instead of a car or bus we can walk,jog,bike,or skateboard to the destination.It would be great exercise and if we really want to,we can find a empty space and put all the stuff there.As long as we have a teacher with us, I think we’ll be fine.If a 7th-9th grader is troublesome they will have permission to either give them a warning,not let them go again,and possibly by all means give them detention.I hope the principal will see this and approve of because this will great exercise for students and teachers.

September 29

Water Transport Challenge

For those of you that don’t know what the Lego League Water Transport Challenge was, it was taking water from a nearby lake and transporting it at least one mile. We started at the point and ended at Heatmor, transporting water 1.6 miles (2.57495 km). We had to use non motorized transportation of our choice. Between both Lego League teams, Lego the Woods and Warbotics, we transported 214 gallons of water. The first person to finish took 10 minutes and 47 seconds, transporting a half gallon of water. The last person to finish took 56 minutes and 26 seconds, transporting 22.25 gallons of water.

The Long Road

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Why would we do that, you might ask? We did it to know what some people have to do daily in order to have water. Some people don’t get to go to school or might not have as much free time, and in some cases, no free time because they have to transport water. Its hard to imagine that these kids have to take so much of their time from their days to get water for their families. It has made me a lot more thankful for running water.



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September 1

Welcome to Sevies’ Stories!

Welcome to Sevies’ Stories!

The seventh grade writing class will be blogging on this website for the first time this year.  I am excited to showcase the creativity and enthusiasm that the seventh graders possess.  My husband, Jon, was the person who actually came up with the name for our blog. He’s awesome, which is why I married him.

Please check back here every week to see what’s new with Warroad’s seventh graders, a.k.a. “sevies”.  We will start our blog on Mondays, and publish our work by Fridays.  Mrs. Schwenzfeier will be blogging too!

Jon and Erin Schwenzfeier, married at Zippel Bay State Park. Photo courtesy of Lauren Jones.