April 16

If I Could Change the School…

BY: Katrina Warkentin

If I could change the school, I would start with better lunches. Some schools are sponsored by local fast food places. We could be sponsored by Dairy Queen or Subway. It is highly unlikely that that would ever happen though… I would just get a better lunch menu.

I would also add in more elective classes. School should be fun. A class that I would definitely bring back is Home Ec. classes. I would add in another art class and I would make it an option to learn more languages other than French (the only other language that our school offers).

Another good thing to change (which  I think many will agree with me) is the time that school starts. many kids don’t get enough sleep at night, and are to tired to focus. It would be a good thing to have school start some time around nine in the morning or nine thirty. If this change happened, many students would be more energetic during school, and that might help them raise their grades.


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April 16


Class is the most boring thing i have ever been too.You have to do homework you have to listen to teachers you have to follow orders and it never ends.We get up at 6 have to go to school at 8 and stay there till 3.For 7 whole hours we sit in a class room and learn and learn and learn and when ever we do get to do something fun its a once in a month type of thing.Its so fun to be home all day and hang out with friends and go on our phones and do whatever we want.What makes me really mad is that on the weekend we have 2 days of no school but in the week we have 5 days of school i just wish for one whole day we cant just sit in  school and do whatever we want cause when the teachers say it will be a fun day tomorrow it will be the next day and we will still learn in atleast one class we still learn and i just wish when the teachers said that they actully meant it and we got the whole 7 hours to ourselfs

April 16

If i could change the school!

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If i could change the school i would add better lunches and fix some for example some of the food has hair in it so i would make the lunch people wear hair net,or better hair nets.I would also add more drink choices like juice.After the lunch is better i would  make it so the buses stopped in front of the school again. That’s what i would do if i could change the school.

April 16

If I Could Change Me

If I could change myself I would start with my grades. First I would study for quizzes like i’m suppose to do. Second I would get my homework in on time and finished too. Third I would probable try new things. Fourth I would do good deeds instead of bad ones.Then I would make more friends. Like new people and not the old. I would even try to do warm-ups instead of not trying. Even be less rude too. Anna is a little bit wierd in good ways. We sometimes hang out that is only when Caitlyn is not here. Then I’m happy she is sick so I can hang out with Anna who by the way is a really bad speller. She can’t even spell a word you ask her to spell.


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April 16

How to win at Pubg

In this blog you will learn how to win at pubg it is pretty easy if you are a hacker sometimes it can be hard so if you need here are so glitchs that can get you banned. First is the supply drop so if you are close to the supply drop you can go under it and nobody will see you. Second is ring riding where you go into a house and you hid right on the ring you do not die but its hard to find a house that is on the ring

April 16

If I Could Change The World



If I could change the world I would make sure to get rid of world hunger.  I would also teach the people that don’t know how to read or write.  I would get rid of dirty water and make all the water filtered.South America José Miguel S via Compfight José Miguel S via Compfight

I would help the world by making it the place everybody would want to go.  I would become president and everybody will ask me to do something and I would do it.  I would make a medicine for all the diseases in the world and make trillions and then give it all away and then I would make more money and then give that all away and continue that for ever and I would be famous.

April 16

The way it could be

By, Tanner

If I changed myself I would make myself pay more attention and read more to pass all of my classes. I also would like to be a little bit taller. If I changed my School/Community I would stop bullying and stop kids who do not listen to teachers. I also would try to get more people in the Community to help have events and other hings in the town to get everybody together and have fun. If I could change the world I would stop all of the wars and arguments around the world. I also would try to get more people to recycle and not pollute the air and mostly not pollute the ocean and other bodies of water. This is how I would make a change.3Tannen “Jutta” via Compfight

April 16

The Walk Home

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Once apon a time there was a kid called Bob Thunderbolt.  He lived in a town called Tizz.  One day Bob was waking home from school and saw a light flicker in a old haunted house.  Then Bob called his friend Ryan.  Hay Ryan come to the spooky old haunted house with me.  When Ryan arrived Bob was not there and it was getting dark out.  Ryan thought Bob got eaten by a monster inside the house the Bob came threw the door of the house.  Bob said,”come in it is just a old lady lives here.”

The End