January 12

I Wish I Was Taller

If I was to change something about me I would like to be taller because everybody calls me short and it would be nice to do that thing were you hold something in the air so they cant reach it.

There are good things about being small to, like smaller clothes cost less money. Also when you’re small you weigh less and you can do more chin-ups and pull ups, but I would still want to be taller so I could reach things and I could run faster if I was tall and had long legs.100 Meter Lauf Finale Startschuss IAAF Leichtathletik-Weltmeisterschaften 2017 in LondonCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

January 12

Changes to the Community

City of Warroad, Minnesota - Water TowerCreative Commons License Tony Webster via CompfightCreative Commons License Tony Webster via Compfight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I think that there should be some changes to our community. For example, we should get comfier bleachers at the football field, better football gear and jerseys, healthier restaurants, and a better school lunch. We could put a noodles and company restaurant in Warroad and have padded bleachers. The school could have an alternate line everyday that had salad or soup and the football teams could do a fundraiser for better gear.

January 11

What Minnesota Basketball is missing

One Life - One Chance basketball netCreative Commons License Lydia via Compfight

I think that Minnesota’s youth basketball association should have a state championship game. Right now youth basketball is just a bunch of random games with no reward having a state championship game would have more people joining for the experience and it would build a passion in them.It would also have more basketball players working harder with a goal.I think this would be a great learning experience for kids and their parents alike.

January 11

Should We Have More Stores ?

Target (Enfield Square)Creative Commons License JJBers via Compfight

Should Warroad have more stores? Warroad has 2 main stores. If you have to get something special like a plain white shirt you may have a hard time finding this product. I believe we should have a Target because, Target has cloths food and necessary home tools. Lots of people will agree that we need more stores. I wanted to right this report because this is serious. Thank you for reading this,and please help us get mores stores!! 🙂

January 11

New Lunches

SchokoladenmuffinsCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

I think we should change a few things about our school lunch. One, we should add a dessert for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think people would like it if we had, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, brownies, etc. for an option. Next, we should have a better and healthier menu. A few healthier options could be, real tasting meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc. And lastly, there should be a soup and sandwich bar everyday in case the students don´t like what they have scheduled on the menu. A few sandwich options could be, ham, turkey, and there would be some veggies and cheeses to add on to your sandwich. And if we added some chicken noodle soup and wild rice to that I think it would be very popular. I think people would eat the school lunch more often if we added these new ideas to our school.

January 11

Make a Change!!

If I could change the world I would make the whole world healthy with fresh food and water. It would take a lot of work but it would be worth it! A lot of people are starving or eat unhealthy. I would like to change that. Every kid or adult deserves fresh healthy food. I would also love this because I could travel the world and meet new people. I’m a pretty shy person but that could change very quickly. I could have many people that want to help come with me too. This would make a big change in everyones’ lifestyle.

Veg Out - Limassol, Cyprus Andreas Komodromos via Compfight

January 11

Make a Healthy Choice!

Tirana-44 David via Compfight

If I could change something about our school, I would add healthier choices to our lunch program.  I would love for our school to have soup and salad bar available every day.  There could be a soup du jour (soup of the day) I know that several teachers would eat this, and I bet students would too! I would also like to see fresh fruit on our plates, such as watermelon, strawberries, and kiwi.  Eating healthy is very important for our bodies, and it also helps fuel our minds.

While I love hot dogs, hamburgers, and french fries, I think our school could serve healthier options that kids would still eat.

Here is an example menu of healthy meals I would like to eat:

Monday – grilled chicken & vegetable stir fry with brown rice, edamame, milk, and strawberries

—-OR—- salad bar with chicken noodle soup

Tuesday – turkey burgers with all the fixings, sweet potato wedges, milk, and watermelon

—-OR—- salad bar with tomato soup

Wednesday – baked pork chops, collared greens, wild rice, milk, and apple slices

—-OR—- salad bar with chicken wild rice soup

Thursday – baked parmesan chicken breasts, whole wheat noodles & marinara sauce, broccoli, milk, and orange slices

—-OR—- salad bar with beef vegetable soup

Friday – hummus and grilled vegetable wrap, boiled egg, string cheese, milk, and kiwi

I think if we serve healthy food options, students will eat it.

—-OR—- salad bar with potato soup



December 15

Warroad Varsity’s Trip to State (hockey)

Last year our girls varsity went to state for hockey. But the game to get there was super intense. They played EGF. Our girls were tied with them 1-1 all the way till the third period when we scored, leading the game 2-1. I was there myself and my sister was playing. It was super exciting until they scored again too. Now we were tied again 2-2. With about 23 seconds left in the game one of our top defense skated the puck. She faked a slap shot then walked in closer and sniped it top shelve. She SCORED the wining goal! After the clock ran out, we all rushed down to the ice to celebrate. Our girls went to state. They ended up getting 3rd place.

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December 15

My Family

I love my family.  My family has 6 members: Mom, Dad, Winter, Abigail, Isaiah, and me.  We have cats, chickens, guinea pigs, and fish.  Two of my siblings are out of the house, one being in college, the other being in the Navy.  They are coming up for the holidays soon, and I am very excited, because I haven´t seen them in a while.  Sometimes I wish that they weren’t out of the house, because I look up to both of them very much.  When my older sister is coming up for Christmas, her fiance is coming with her, and he is from Columbia and he is really cool.  I wish that my sisters were home more, but we can´t always get what you want.  My father owns his own company in Roseau ( I know, the worst place).  My mother also owns a massage company in Warroad.

December 15

Scene 3- The Spirit of Christmas Past

I think this scene is very important to A Christmas Carol. To me it shows the reason why he is so abrasive. His sweet heart didn’t want to marry him because he was greedy and only thought of his personal gain. I think that means that his love for money affects how others think of him.  His love for money also gets in the way of his personal and social life. He may be rude and harsh because the person he loved left him. That caused him to focus all his time on his work and gaining money.

. Premnath Thirumalaisamy via Compfight