April 16


by Madison

If I had to choose which season is my favorite, I would choose Summer. There is no school and its not freezing all the time. One down side about Summer is that there are a bunch of mosquitoes out and about. Those little guys leave itchy red bumps, which are very annoying. But the bonfires make up for it. My family outside, gathered by the fire. My dog, running around the yard. I love all of it.

If I had to choose something other than Summer I would choose Fall, or Autumn, because then I can wear sweatshirts all day and night. My dog enjoys it too, since its nice and cool. One bad thing about Fall is that school starts again. I dislike school.

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April 12

Ghost Leviathan Attack!

By Kyle

It was a nice afternoon in both real life and in my game.  I was in the search of the Lost River which is this underground green gas river that has all kinds of creatures big and small, human eating monster or not, and blows up your submarine and eats you or it doesn’t affect you.

So on that nice afternoon I went on the search for the Lost River, this was before I found it, I was heading over to the Aurora (Massive space ship that crash landed and now your stuck on that planet) to do some searching and I went farther then I wanted to, because the void was on the other side of the Aurora and there are three Ghost Leviathan.  So I am just doing my own thing when I get really dark all of the sudden and There is this big bang near the back of the submarine.  I look over to my radar because I couldn’t see anything out of my window, even with the flood lights on, and when I look at my radar I see several yellow dots and Siri (The name I game the robot voice that is suppose to help but warns you at the worst timing possible) is all like “This area is the edge of a volcano that is in the void where only two types of classes can live, Leviathan class and Micro class.  Exploration is not advised.”  At this point I was pretty scared because the yellow dots turned red which means they are coming at me at attack speed, and my submarine was badly damaged and close to blowing up.  I turned on emergency run and headed for the surface as fast as I could.  Then a glowing blue giant creature that looked bigger then a whale came right at the window.  It made this screech and rammed my ship which I like to call Utah-A13 by the way. There was nothing I could do to stop it till I remembered I had a creature decoy and it saved my submarine.  It was the scariest moment of my gaming life.


Ghost leviathan swimming at the camera of the submarine.

Picture taken by Kyle.

April 10

Mom´s Birthday

On Easter my family threw my mom a mini birthday party and my dad was suppose to tell me about it but no one did so I was confused. To make sure my mom did not see the party balloons and things I took her outside. When I was told to bring her back in side we all yelled happy birthday.

Canadian red lobster

( not this fancy )

stratman² (2 many pix!) via Compfight

On the 9th of April we had lobster for dinner instead of having it on the 10th her normal birthday.  My family is over the top about lobster we have it every Christmas. Today the 10th of April me and my dad are giving my mom her presents my dad is giving her egglits, I am giving her a face mask, and lastly my dad and I together are giving her perfume.


April 10

Devil Named Dude

By Caitlyn

Over the winter season, my mom’s boyfriend moved in with us, which meant that his cat would have to also… His cat’s name is Dude. He’s very mean but he is cute. He is a cat that has white fur on his stomach and black fur on his back, he’s one of those cats that has a mustach, well his is white. Dude is a tuxeddo cat and he has yellow, creepy eyes and he always stares at someone whenever they make any kind of noise, quiet or loud.

Dude and my mom’s boyfriend Kelly have been living with us ever since November. Dude hates going places in a car or even just getting in his carrier. When he was getting nuetered, it took Kelly about 20 minutes to get him into the carrier, getting him into the carrier was really hard when we brought him over to my house. We were gonna trick him and Kelly was gonna pick him up and put him in there but he saw it before he could so we had to trick him into going into a big box. Kelly had to play with him until Dude got into the box, this time it only took about 5 minutes! But once we got Dude to the house he seemed to really like it, but all he did for the first week or so was sniff everything in the house!

  Christmas Cat: Playful Edition Jo Andy via Compfight

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April 10

How TO Get Free V-Bucks On Fortnite

You want to go to free v-bucks.com and you will have put in your name for pc , xbox and ps4. Then you have to put in your console how much v-bucks you want and then you have to go though human verify.

Then you have to go though a different human verify u have to download a app the you play it for 30 second to a minute and then you will get your v-bucks

April 10

My Dog

By, Tanner

I have a dog named Hank, he is a 4 year old black lab mixed with sheepdog. His favorite things are his ball and he loves to chase squirrels around the yard and he chasing them until they go up a tree. He will beg for food to family he doesn’t know and see as much. He also barks at the UPS man.

April 10

My Cats

I have four cats we haven´t named one of them but she/he is really cute and she/he is  a really big cat but the other cat names are shadow winter and cuddles i love all of them cuddles is almost all black and has some white on his chest and feet. Winter on the other hand is white with some brown and black spots. Shadow is all black with no other colors. The one we haven´t named is brown with black and orange stripe. its so cute it has tiny feet and a small head.

jadepike4 via Compfight

The cat in the picture looks like shadow we call him shadow because if you see him and look away for a tinny bit and look back he´s gone.

by Anna

April 10

5 Cool facts about candy!

5 Cool facts about candy!

1.  Skittles shell is made from a crushed bug called the “shellac”.

2. The person who made cotton candy was actually a dentist also the name was fairy floss.

3. 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed each year that’s a lot of chocolate!

4. Chocolate can kill dogs

5. More then 7 billion dollars are  spent on chocolate every year that’s a lot of money!

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April 10

Tips In Fortnite Battle Royale

If you ever play Fortnite never land in Tilted Towers because you will most likely die there because the best players go there.  Once you become a good player then you can land there.

If you ever find a blue burst assault rifle on the ground drop your scar for it because the blue burst is the best gun in the game. The best place to loot in fortnite is Pleasant Park.


April 10

School is Almost Over!

There are only 6 weeks left of school. When school is over I will be fishing a lot. I might play junior Babe Ruth baseball this summer also.

Atardecer Victor via Compfight

I would also like to go dirt bike riding this summer. My goal this summer is to catch a 30+ inch walleye and catch a 42 inch northern. Also I ant to have more bonfires.