September 18

Blog Rubric

To download the blog rubric, click on the link below:

Blog Rubric-1cw9ix0


4 points


2 points


0 points

Blog Title Wow! That totally makes me want to read this post! Okay. The title is not very original. The title lacks originality, or there is no title.
Images There is at least one image in your blog. You cite your pictures correctly (Compfight does this automatically for you). Pictures must be in the public domain or taken by you/friend:

“Picture courtesy of_____.” “Picture by______.”


There is at least one image in your blog. There are no images.
Text The text covers your topic in an exciting manner! The text is okay, but it lacks creativity or goes off-topic. The text is unoriginal. As a reader, I was not excited to read it.
Spelling & Grammar You made 0-3 errors. You made 4-6 errors. You made 7+ errors.
Voice I could tell this was your blog just by your words! I could hear your voice a few times as I was reading. I couldn’t find your voice at all.
Total Points  

______________/20 Points

Extra Credit

2 Points

Show your parent/guardian your blog and have them write a note here about what they thought:







Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________________________________

Sevies’ Stories Blog Rubric