January 12

If I could change bullying

Kalender 2018 mit Kugelstift und LaptopCreative Commons License Marco Verch via CompfightIf I could change one thing about the world it would be one simple thing, bullying. Bullying was just like a little joke when we were maybe 8, but I am in high school now. Since my first day in high school I have scene see people and hear people taking about how they are getting bullied and not doing anything about it. People may not realize it but bullying is a serious matter. Bullying can cause many different things. People react to bullying differently, some people think that suicide is the best option for dealing with bullying.

The way I would change bullying, is have a emotional support group that meets everyday after school from 3:00-6:00. I think this group could help people, but the thing is if I ever created a group and posted about it on social media or make poster at school, I wonder if people would come because what teenager would take bullying advice from a 13 year old. I would need to get help from family and maybe older friends, but if I tried and tried maybe I could help some people, or maybe  when I am older I can create this group when younger kids or older kids need help with bullying. I think I can really make a change. I have younger cousins and nephews and I don’t want them to get hurt, I mean everyone gets bullied but you are bullied a lot to the point that you may be thinking about suicide that is not okay.

After people read this I am hoping they can do something about it, or maybe if you are the person who is bullying people I hope you can think about this and think, hmm maybe I shouldn’t be like this anymore and stop hurting people. Maybe I can help kids who were bullied. I think I can change bullying.

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