January 12

If I Could Change World Hunger

If I could change one thing about the world, I would chance world hunger.  The reason I would change this is because we Americans take advantage of how well we have life.  People in 3rd world countries barely have enough to eat each day, while us Americans are to spoiled to even eat what we are given.  We should be grateful for what we are given and not waste what resources we have.  Almost every day I see people at my school throw away almost their entire lunch, and that really bothers me.  One way we could help prevent wasting food is to 1. Eat what we are given.  2. Share what we have with others who don’t have as much as yourself.  3.  Don’t waste what food you have.  Why we are so wasteful, I don’t know.  If we could just suck it up and eat what food we are given and be grateful, that would be amazing.  If we would just share our food with those who are less fortunate than us, then we could be less wasteful and more caring.InterculturalCreative Commons License Harold R Cologne via Compfight

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