January 12

What I Want to Change About Me

The first thing I like to change about myself is that I want my hair to be longer just because my hair has been short for a while. The second thing is that I would want to change is the way I can be shy when I’m in front of people when I have to give a speech. The third thing is that I will want to change my voice. The fourth thing is I will change the way I act I don’t know why but I will. The last thing is I am oily in the inner corners of my nose.

 Fetching Water - Sidmouth, Devon - 2017 Ian Morton via Compfight

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Hi I'm Natalie.I'm in 7th grade.My hobbies are I like to travel, play Volleyball for fun not in games. When I'm done with high school I plan to go to collage. I like to volunteer.The whole 7th grade got to go to this building where we got to volunteer for a lot of places in the community.

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