April 17

If I Could Change the World

If I could change anything in the world, I would change the way people treat each other. Some people treat people like they aren’t even human and bully them. Also remember, everyone is different, not better or worse. Just because someone is different doesn’t mean you can treat them like they are garbage and don’t belong. Everyone deserves to be treated as they would treat you, nicely.

To make this change, I will stand up for anyone who is getting bullied or being talked to in a cruel manner. I will also avoid hanging out with cruel people so I don’t get influenced to do so, and I will talk to them about treating people nicely. Also I can inform teachers if I know someone who is getting bullied. Also if someone says something, “take the high road “and walk away, don’t retaliate.

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My name is Katierie, (pronounced ka-tear-ee). I live and go to school in Warroad, MN. I have lived in Warroad my whole live and never want to leave. I am in seventh grade and play hockey. I plan on becoming a dentist like my mom and taking over her business when she retires.

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