April 23

Let’s Change Everything About School!

Let’s change the food, the time we start learning, and what classes we are in! Most kids are not happy with the food they eat at school, and the time school starts in the morning, and the classes they’re in. Some kids might want to be in the same classes as one or more of their friends, and I want to change that! I want to change the food and the time we start school too, and I mean I really, really want to change the food at school!

Students should be able to pick one person they want to be in the same classes with, some people really depend on their friends to be there. There should be a whole supermarket in the school so students can eat whatever they want, and it should all be free for students, but not teachers! Teachers have to pay for lunch. School should start at 10:00am so kids can sleep in two hours later, it would be like when school is two hours later, but everyday! I know when school is two hours late, I get so much sleep, and I feel so rested. But hey the school is remodleing over the summer, maybe I should send them this!

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